the-coupdegrace said: describe your perfect wedding!


I actually don’t want to have a wedding anymore… but I’ll still describe the wedding that I used to want. :) It would be at the beginning of June on the beach of a lake, in Minnesota probably. Or just somewhere else out in nature that’s beautiful. It would be a pretty small wedding but not tiny. I would be wearing a cream lace dress (I don’t know what style or brand, despite all of the bridal gown shows that I’ve watched… lol). The men would be wearing something similar but a little different. The women would be wearing lavender dresses with gray accents. Kind of short but not super short. Probably some lace as well. The ceremony would be short with some spiritual elements. Aaaand inboccaallupo-crepi would be either the bride or the maid of honor. If my partner was male, then I imagine him wearing a gray tux with a lavender bow tie and other accents like that. If my partner was Jenny, then I don’t know what I imagine her in, because I don’t know what she would want! But I imagine her being the one to walk down the aisle and I know that she would be absolutely radiant, somehow even more than usual, and she would hella be the center of attention. THE bride. And I’d gasp and smile so0o0o huge and tear up. And she’d give this cute little smile that just KILLS me and hold my hands and then the officiant would start talking… I know that’s how it’d be. Siiiiiigh, omg, is it bad that I’m more excited by the thought of marrying my best friend than my boyfriend??!! Hahaha. Nawh. Jenny knows how much I love herrrrrr.

Whoa. A post about a dream wedding with ME. \mmmmmmmm/

So…for real though…how inappropriate is it snapchat your friends pictures of your pee? Because mine is fluorescent orange right now and i want others to be able to partake in this beauty.

i hate it when people are all #blessed, but that’s how i feel

Earlier today, my mentor approached me so she could ask me to come give my come-to-the-tutoring-center-and-let-me-love-you pitch to one of her classes next week, and she started off by saying, “First of all, you are fantastic,” and then continued to her point.

That in itself made my whole day brighten up.


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brokenheartsstillsing1 said: Your body shakes in response to stress?

i’m not sure what it is. Possibly hypoglycemia. But it’s so consistent now that i can’t just call it “shaking” or anything anymore. It’s definitely intention and contraction tremors.

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i was told i’m literally going to hell for being an introvert, my headphones broke, i keep discovering new health problems, and i’m lonely. i wish i could just go buy some candles and turn my lights off and sit here.

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Intention tremors and contraction tremors can officially join my list of existing conditions. My body is a fun one to be in.

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Update on the biochem thing i was so worried about but never followed up on:
i got a 77%. So i was right about both passing and not doing very well
i can live with it.


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This morning, i decided to stop and do an attitude check every time i walk through a door until i make it a habit.

1. i got Alt-J’s new album today. Still listening. God.
2. My impromptu meeting with my two professors about my manuscript went really well. They want to submit it for publication by Friday.
3. Today’s lecture in Intro Psych was on non-binary genders and asexuality, and none of those little baby 18-year-olds said anything ignorant or hurtful at all. Beautiful.
4. Dr. Hill wanted to have lunch with me anyway (we normally have our meetings at lunchtime, but the meeting was taken care of) and we had fucking pizza.
5. i got my disability accommodations taken care of. Laptop usage in any class, FREE SMART PEN, extended time on both in-class and out-of-class assignments, and all exams are time-and-a-half in a distraction-free environment.

My lungs are filling with air.